+ How often do I need to see an eye doctor?

Eye health is extremely important, and it is much easier to treat a problem when it is caught early. That said, regular eye exams are highly recommended.

How often is "regular" really depends on a number of factors including individual risk and age. Generally, you should take your child between 6 months to 1 year to make sure he or she is developing normally. Bring your child back at three years old and again before entering first grade, then every two years after or as recommended. Continue having regular exams every two years until 60 years of age, then it is recommended to have annual eye exams as new problems start to emerge latter in life.

However, annual exams are highly recommended for those with risk factors, such as wearing contact lenses. The most important thing is to follow your doctors instructions and recommendations. Your eye health is paramount, and it is always better to come in and find nothing wrong than waiting until it is too late.

For more information including other risk factors, visit the American Optometric Association website here.

+ Do you sell contacts?

Why yes. Yes, we do. In fact, in addition to traditional monthly disposable lenses and gas permeable or hard lenses, we sell daily disposable contact lenses or daily contacts.

+ But my contacts are monthly. What are daily contacts?

We consume the vast majority of information about our surroundings from our eyes. So we want you to keep your eyes at their healthiest. Daily disposable contacts are healthiest, cleanest, safest way to wear contact lenses. In addition, they allow you to stay chemical free and is the easiest to care for.

Wearing contact lenses is a fight against the clock, because no matter how clean the lens, eventually the eye will start to reject contact lenses. Whereas before you may have been able to wear contacts 16 hours per day or longer without discomfort, longterm contact wearers will start to notice that after only a few hours the contacts become uncomfortable. This process usually takes years, but is inevitable even with proper care. However, daily contacts extend the time this takes and new lenses such as the Daily One even allow some former contact lens wearers that are already at this point to wear contacts all day again.

Even better, there is no more washing lenses every night. Actually, you just through away the lenses before bed and put in a fresh pair in the morning. And even better than that, they won't cost much more than monthly disposable lenses once you factor in the elimination of the cost of expensive solution. Be sure to ask the doctor when you come in for your next appointment.

+ I have dry eyes? But my eyes are watery/scratchy/burning/blurred, not dry.

Dry eye is a bit of a misnomer...