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Glasses for your life, style & budget

Mineola Eyecare offers a glasses in many styles, materials and brands. We offer contacts in every variety–daily, monthly, gas permeable, etc. What we don't offer is poor quality.

Read more about the optometric aspect of our practice here and the medical side here.

Are you constantly on your phone or tablet? Or maybe you work all day on a computer? Take the Lifestyle Index.

Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) has become a large and growing issue in the digital age. Between computers, tablets, and smartphones, Americans average 7 hours of screen usage per day, with some people using them significantly more. As we work more and more on digital devices, things like headaches, eye strain, tired eyes and stiff shoulders are becoming an accepted part of our lives. We want you to know that experiencing these symptoms is NOT normal. If you suffer from any of the below symptoms, we can help. Call us today or visit the neurolens website to learn more about finding relief from:

Take the  Lifestyle Index , and we’ll contact you with your results.

Take the Lifestyle Index, and we’ll contact you with your results.

Featured Brands

Check out Arbor! It’s made from premium materials—beta titanium, carbon fiber, wood, and acetate.

Arbor is a new frame line out of Lubbock, Texas. It features carbon fiber and titanium with a wood laminate. The result is a lightweight, durable frame that's elegant and sophisticated.

Here are some of our fashion-forward frames and boutique brands.

Also, take a look at some videos of our frame lines.